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Every time a Kiela product is delivered to a salon – somewhere in the world – it feels like a new member has joined our family. To us, the delivery of a product goes beyond the product alone. It is the creation of a new commitment. We strive to fulfill the expectations of our clients with the highest quality furniture. Are you ready to join our family?

KIELA was the brainchild of Jan Kiela. The company was established on 16 October 1939 in Rotterdam. On 23 October 1941 Jan married Evelien Hess. She successfully supported her husband with expanding his business. Primarily their business focused on installation activities and metalworking. Bonbons dishes, ashtrays and metal ovens made up the initial production output.

In 1950, Kiela entered into a partnership with a haircosmetic company. Through this partnership hair salon furniture was added to the production range. The resulting increase in production activities meant it was necessary to move to a new location. Jan Kiela purchased an old grain mill in Driebruggen and decided to convert it into a factory.

From the very outset, hair salon furniture has been manufactured in-house. KIELA established a good reputation as supplier of high quality furniture. In the early seventies control over the company was assumed by both Jan Kiela’s sons, Ger and John Kiela. The brothers managed the company together until Johns passing away on 20th October, 1991.

In the 1990s, KIELA became an important global player in the field of high quality furniture for hair salons.

To this very day, KIELA still manages all its development and production processes in-house. The finishing of the metal and wooden components and the upholstery as well as the assembly to a product, all take place under the same roof with the main aim of offering our customers the best possible products and the very best service.

After the passing away of Ger Kiela on 27th February 2015, Evelien Kiela and Willem Kiela (Third Generation) are responsible for managing the company, they share the same core values pasted down the generations. They feel the responsibility to pass on a better company to the next generation of owners, employees and clients and to contribute to a better world.

This is what we stand for:
Our products are developed and manufactured at our factory in Driebruggen.
Nothing we do is mass produced; all our products are custom-made for individual customers. Quality is something you have to feel and experience. Therefore you can feel confident that by purchasing high-quality products you will share this experience of quality with your client as well. You will not only experience this quality upon delivery, but also in the years that follow. That is why we offer a 5-year construction guarantee on our products.

This is what we stand for:

We will always consider people, animals and the environment during our production activities.
That is why we manufacture our products in the Netherlands and have designed our processes to keep at the forfront these values. Our products are manufactured in accordance with all applicable environmental norms. We try to ensure our suppliers are located as close to us as possible. We manage transport for incoming and outgoing goods ourselves, which allows us to combine shipments wherever possible. This helps us to avoid unnecessary transport journeys and thus reduce the impact we have on our environment.


This is what we stand for:
When developing our products, we strive to maximise seating comfort for clients and working comfort for hairdressers. Our aim is to bring an extended duty of care, which is the foundation for purchasing products of good quality.

With our team of 70 people in production, internal and external sales, we work on customer satisfaction every day.